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About Natural Tiger Eye Gemstones & Beads

In jewelry-making, tiger’s eye is a type of chatoyant quartz that usually contains a combination of black and brown stripes. As you may have guessed, it gets its name from these striped patterns, which resemble a tiger’s coat.

Tiger’s eye stone is a great healing stone. It can balance your mood swings and it can help you maintain composure during stressful periods in your life. Tiger’s eye will give you the confidence to move forward with your projects and to focus on those activities that will help advance your goals. This is an excellent grounding stone that will stabilize and strengthen one during times of stress or confusion. Tiger’s eye has been used as a protection against psychic attacks, especially in situations where envy or jealousy may be present.

At GemsBiz we offer high-quality tiger's eye stone that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes! Browse our collections of tiger's eye gemstone beads and cabochons for jewelry making.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our wide range of tiger's eye stone is perfect for creating unique and stylish pieces of jewelry. Our team of experts handpicks each piece to ensure only the highest quality gemstones make it to our collections. Make a statement with tiger's eye beads in different shapes, or choose from our variety of cabochons to create a truly personalized piece. Let GemsBiz be your go-to for all your jewelry-making needs, with our premium tiger's eye stone collections!

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