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Aquamarine is a beryl variety with a beautiful marine blue color and was named after tropical waters. The stone has been used for many centuries as a protective amulet, especially against drowning and shark attacks. It’s also believed to calm seasickness and balance mood swings in relationships.

Multi aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone full of colors. Aquamarine is associated with mental clarity, and there are several metaphysical properties that make it a healing stone. It is said to bring joy and happiness, as well as protect against negative energies. Its coloring may vary from blue to green or pink-green to even yellow.

An aquamarine gemstone is an excellent choice for making jewelry. Jewelry making is an art, and you should have a good understanding of gemstones to be able to use them in designing your masterpiece. With GemsBiz, you can buy multi aquamarine gemstones online which is perfect for jewelry-making purposes. Browse our collections of multi aquamarine gemstone beads and cabochons which come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The well-polished shape gives these high-quality gemstones a brilliant finish which makes them ideal for jewelry-making purposes.

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