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Aquamarine has a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale. It has two beautiful blue colors, one light, and one dark. The name comes from latin aquamarine, seawater, which refers to its color being similar to that of seawater.

Milky aquamarine is a variety of the beryl. The name milky comes from its milky white color and appearance. It is also known as white beryl or white aquamarine. It has very good clarity, which makes it highly valued among gemstones. It has been used in jewelry for centuries and is still popular today.

Aquamarine has been used for many years to ward off evil spirits and protect against accidents at sea. Milky aquamarine gemstones are white to light blue in color. Beautiful translucent gemstone features strong chatoyancy and attractive banding. Milky aquamarine gemstones are a lovely jewelry material that is one of nature’s rarest gifts.

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