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Ametrine is the perfect gemstone for anyone seeking a unique combination of citrine and amethyst in one breathtaking stone, and our extensive selection will make sure you find the perfect piece for your jewelry-making needs. Browse our collection of wholesale Ametrine gemstones, cabochons, briolettes, beads & carvings for jewelry making. We offer natural Ametrine stone for sale in all popular forms, shapes, cuts, and sizes at the best wholesale price online. Shop now!

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Natural Ametrine Gemstones & Beads

A variety of quartz, ametrine is a mixture of purple and yellow or orange. The purple color is usually dominant and tends to darken with exposure to heat. Ametrine gemstone is an alternative form of quartz with inclusions of both amethyst and citrine. It gets its name from amethyst and citrine. This stone has a purple base color with bands of yellow or orange running through them.

Its yellow color will help to boost willpower, confidence, and decisiveness. The purple color represents crown chakra, which is associated with wisdom, intuition, spirituality, and connection with the higher self. This combination makes it a powerful stone for the manifestation of goals.

At GemsBiz, you’ll find a beautiful selection of these natural gemstones that is hard to beat. Browse through our collections of ametrine including wholesale gemstone beads online and select one that you like. The joy of wearing a fine piece of jewelry lies in knowing that it is special and rare, which makes gemstones all the more desirable for those who love unique pieces.

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