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Natural Andalusite Gemstones & Beads

The name andalusite refers to its origins in that region of spain. It comes in several colors such as pink, green, brown, or black with white or orange flecks throughout. These faceted gemstones are found in spain, sri lanka, and brazil.

Andalusite gemstone is a powerful energy filter. This makes it an excellent stone for making changes in your life that will help you grow as a person. The only caution here is that using it when making radical changes could backfire if those changes are too extreme; instead, use it when transitioning between careers or jobs, during pregnancy (it helps relieve pain), during recovery from illness or surgery, or during other times of change.

Browse our collection of andalusite that comes in all sizes, colors, shapes, and price ranges. We carry a wide range of collections of these gemstones at wholesale prices.

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