Dyed Stones

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In gemology, dyed gemstones are those where a colorant has been added to make them more marketable. It is a common practice that has no place in honest jewelry. Dyeing stones can be done for many reasons: to hide flaws, to improve clarity, due to color tone, and give a stone an appealing hue.

The power of dyed gemstones is that you can use them even when working with patients who have not yet developed a belief in energy work.

Dyeing does not alter a stone’s metaphysical properties. People buy dyed stones for their beauty and also they can be custom-colored to match an outfit.

We carry several stones that are dyed to produce beautiful, high-quality jewelry. Browse our collections of dyed gemstone beads for jewelry making including dyed ruby, dyed emerald, and dyed sapphire. We’ve got everything you need to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

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