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About Natural Larimar Gemstones & Beads

A rare blue variety of pectolite larimar is found only in one small area of the Dominican Republic. It’s named after its mineral composition, which is a mixture of pectolite and calcium carbonate.

Larimar helps to calm your emotions and relieve stress. This is likely due to its calming blue hues. It can also be used as a protection stone, helping you feel more secure during times of transition or upheaval. And, like an aquamarine, it has water-element energy that supports emotional healing and enhances creativity. Its soft blue coloration and unique look set it apart from almost every other gemstone.

At GemsBiz we offer high-quality larimar stones that come in all ranges of shapes and sizes. Browse our collection of larimar stones and cabochons and pick out your favorites.

We believe everyone deserves to experience this unique and powerful gemstone. As you gaze into its mesmerizing blue hues, you feel a sense of peace and protection wash over you. Shop today!

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