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Browse our collection of wholesale serpentine gemstones, cabochons, briolettes, beads & carvings for jewelry making. We offer natural serpentine gemstones for sale in all popular forms, shapes, cuts, and sizes at the best wholesale price online. Transform your designs into stunning pieces of jewelry with the enchanting hues and mesmerizing patterns of our natural serpentine gemstones, guaranteed to capture the essence of nature's artistry in every piece. Shop now!

About Serpentine Gemstones & Beads

Serpentine is a metamorphic rock derived from magnesite. Serpentine can also be called 'antigorite'. It takes its name from its similarity in appearance to snakeskin. Its green color ranges from yellowish-green to deep forest green.

Serpentine stone has a soothing, centering energy. Serpentine is also said to bring healing properties when used for manifesting spiritual goals. This soothing stone can also be used to cleanse one’s environment of disharmonious or negative energies, as well as to assist in maintaining an elevated state of consciousness and attunement with subtle planes of existence. Serpentine is beneficial for meditation, spiritual growth, and development, clairvoyance, and healing.

Serpentine is popular because of its beautiful colors, hardness, and variety. At GemsBiz serpentine can be available in various shades shapes and sizes. Browse our collection of serpentine gemstone beads and cabochons for jewelry making.

Create your own unique piece of jewelry with these natural green gemstones from GemsBiz! Let the calming and centering energy of this stone enhance your meditation and spiritual growth. Not only is serpentine beautiful in its range of green colors, but it also possesses healing properties that can help you manifest your spiritual goals. By wearing or carrying serpentine with you, you can keep negative energies at bay and remain attuned to the subtle planes of existence. Shop our collection of serpentine gemstone beads and cabochons now to discover your next favorite piece of jewelry!

Shop Natural Serpentine Gemstones & Beads
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