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About Hessonite Garnet Gemstones & Beads

Hessonite is a gem-quality garnet that can be found in several shades of yellow, orange, brown, and red. It’s harder than most other garnets and is extremely durable, which makes it popular in settings. Because of its toughness, hessonite is a great stone for everyday wear.

Hessonite garnet stone is a favorite for jewelry because of its high durability, high refractive index, and translucent color. As an important industrial mineral, it is used to make lasers in metal industries as well as cutting tools and abrasives. It's also used to produce glass components.

Browse our scintillating selection of hessonite garnet gemstones and gemstone beads which is available in all sizes and shapes ranging from small to large. It makes a beautiful addition or something unique and eye-catching on display on jewelry.

In addition to its stunning appearance, hessonite garnet also has healing properties, known to bring stability and strength to the wearer. Whether you choose to wear it for its beauty or its spiritual benefits, hessonite is a gemstone that is truly a must-have in any collection. So why not add a touch of radiance and meaning to your jewelry box today with a piece of hessonite garnet?

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