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About Natural Kyanite Gemstones & Beads

Kyanites are blue and gray stones that are a cousin to sapphire. They form from an aluminum and silicon crystal. Kyanite gemstones have been found in meteorites.  Kyanite is also known as disthene or cyanite. It is found in granite rocks and metamorphic rocks such as schist or gneiss.

Kyanite stone can be a powerful healer when used topically to stimulate circulation or ease pain. Kyanite’s properties are quite expansive; due to its absorbent nature, it is used for drawing toxins from both internal and external sources.

Kyanite is a very unique gemstone with exceptional properties and can also be easily combined with other gemstones in a wide variety of colors to create elegant statement pieces that make it appealing.

At GemsBiz we supply all kyanite gemstones for jewelry making at a competitive price. Browse our collections of kyanite gemstone beads and cabochons for jewelry making! 

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