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Natural Aquamarine Gemstones & Beads

Aquamarine is transparent to translucent blue-green gem that gets its name from the latin words aqua (water) and marine (sea). It is one of two gem varieties of beryl, which also includes emerald. The most prized aquamarine deposits are found in brazil, zambia, and nigeria.

Aquamarine beads are known to help with clarity of thought. This march birthstone can improve one’s ability to communicate effectively and manage relationships, which makes it a good crystal for writers or those who need assistance in negotiations. Aquamarine is also used as an aid for meditation.

Wearing or meditating with an aquamarine stone can bring inspiration from dreams while encouraging restful sleep at night. These stones are also considered excellent stones for easing grief over lost loved ones because they allow you to accept what has happened while offering comfort during times of sorrow.

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