Created Stones

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Created gemstones are an imitation of natural gemstones. They are often used in manufacturing and as an alternative to natural gemstones. These man-made gems can be found in many jewelry stores around the world. The most commonly created gemstone is cubic zirconia (CZ) which costs much less. However, CZ has been known to chip easily, unlike a diamond.

These lab-created gemstones have become popular because they can be created in any color, size, or shape without sacrificing quality and rarity. The price is usually lower than that of natural gemstones but higher than imitation gems. This means you get a beautiful stone without paying an exorbitant price.

Made with some of the earth’s most durable elements, including precious and semi-precious stones and metals, these one-of-a-kind pieces are as exquisite as they are fascinating. We invite you to check out our collections of created gemstones including gemstone beads and wholesale cabochons for jewelry making at wholesale price.

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