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Browse our collection of wholesale peridot gemstones, cabochons, briolettes, beads & carvings for jewelry making. We offer natural prehnite stone for sale in all popular forms, shapes, cuts, and sizes at the best wholesale price online. In addition, we also have a wide range of exquisite prehnite gemstones that are perfect for creating stunning jewelry pieces, from statement necklaces to dainty bracelets and earrings. Shop now!

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About Natural Prehnite Gemstones & Beads

Under light shining through oil-covered water, prehnite positively glows! It shines brightly when placed in direct sunlight or indirect light from fluorescent bulbs. If you want to make your home look like a giant aquarium, consider using prehnite as decor in your bathroom or kitchen. The stone will reflect colors of blue and green depending on how it is held in its surroundings. This makes prehnite an especially beautiful green gemstone to use for jewelry because it can be paired with other gems that have similar hues.

Prehnite stone is a unique crystal.  Prehnite has a special quality that makes it even more precious: it’s said to have an energy that can connect you with nature. It’s also believed to help reduce feelings of anger and enhance feelings of love and compassion, making it a great stone for anyone who suffers from jealousy or anger issues. It’s also useful for grounding and centering yourself, helping you find peace within yourself so that you can move forward in your life in a positive way.

At GemsBiz we’ve selected some of our most beautiful and well-priced pieces of prehnite gemstone beads and cabochons to display here. All are available for immediate shipping, making them a great option for jewelry making.

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