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About Natural Garnet Gemstones & Beads

January birthstone garnets occur in deep red color and are rarer than lighter-colored ones.  A stone of passion, garnet is believed to promote love and peace. Red garnet is said to help you get rid of negativity. Its energy may increase feelings of self-worth and allow you to be more assertive about your needs.

The garnet is an extremely durable stone and a great choice for jewelry. It can take quite a beating before it loses its shine. It’s believed that if you carry garnet gemstones with you at all times, you’ll be protected from evil forces.

Garnet can do wonders for your mental health and help you gain a better perspective on any situation you’re struggling with in life. This hard gem improves concentration and helps you deal with stress more positively.

Garnet is a beautiful, mineral species with a vibrant red color that can be found in nature. Don’t forget to browse our collections of garnets including gemstone beads, and wholesale cabochons for jewelry making.

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