GemsBiz takes pride in its proficiency in supplying wholesale precious and semi-precious loose gemstones, cabochons, beads, and jewelry straight from the producers' abode, as we have been well-known for doing so for many years. Our operating system is fashioned to be user-friendly and accommodating to meet all of our clients' requirements.


The GemsBiz-Club is an exclusive membership program for large-volume gemstone and jewelry buyers, aiming to enhance customer experiences. It offers premium services and benefits for professional buyers, retailers, and collectors, focusing on building lasting relationships. Members enjoy perks that enrich their purchasing process, demonstrating GemsBiz's commitment to fostering strong client connections and offering a personalized, rewarding experience.

Exclusive Trade-Only Site:

We are an exclusive trade-only marketplace specializing in gemstones and jewelry, dedicated to serving the needs of retailers, designers, and manufacturers. Our platform is a one-stop destination where trade professionals can access a vast selection of high-quality gemstones and exquisite jewelry pieces at wholesale prices. We take pride in our stringent vetting process, ensuring that every seller meets our high standards for quality and authenticity.

By fostering a community of trust and excellence, we aim to streamline the procurement process, making it easier, faster, and more reliable for industry professionals to find the perfect items for their collections or projects. Join us to explore a world where quality meets craftsmanship.

Product Authenticity and Certification:

Product authenticity and certification play a critical role in maintaining trust between buyers and sellers in the gemstone market. GemsBiz emphasizes the importance of this trust by ensuring that every product listed on their platform is verified to be natural and earth-mined, unless specifically stated otherwise in the product listing. This commitment to authenticity is fundamental to providing customers with the assurance that they are investing in genuine products.

To further reinforce this trust, GemsBiz employs an internal quality control team tasked with inspecting and verifying the authenticity of all products before they are listed for sale. This step is crucial in the gemstone industry, where the value and appeal of the products depend heavily on their natural origin and quality.

Despite the thorough verification process by GemsBiz, some customers may require additional reassurance or documentation regarding their purchase, particularly for high-value items. In response to this need, GemsBiz offers the option to provide certification for their products from an approved Gem Testing Laboratory. This service is available at an additional cost, reflecting the expenses involved in the detailed analysis and documentation provided by such laboratories.

Gem Testing Laboratories play a significant role in the gemstone market. They offer unbiased, expert assessments of gemstones, providing detailed reports on various characteristics, such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, as well as verifying the natural origin of the stones. Certificates from these laboratories are recognized and respected across the industry, offering buyers a high level of assurance regarding their purchase.

Offering certification from approved laboratories not only enhances the buying experience by providing additional peace of mind but also reflects GemsBiz's dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction. This service strengthens the trust customers place in GemsBiz, ensuring they feel confident in their decision to purchase genuine, high-quality gemstones from the platform.

Product Availability:

The availability of products can be divided into three categories. Firstly, products marked as 'In-Stock' are readily available and can be shipped within 1-2 working days from GemsBiz's facility. Secondly, products marked as 'On-Demand' are not currently available in stock, but will be produced specifically for the buyer's order with the specified requirements.

The standard processing time for 'On-Demand' items is around 1-2 weeks. Finally, if the product requested is outside of GemsBiz's standard sizing or if it needs to be altered in any way, it is considered a 'Custom Order'. The processing time for 'Custom Orders' depends on the quantity of the order and other factors.

If an order includes items from both 'On-Demand' and other categories, the entire order will be dispatched together, taking the maximum processing time as mentioned. It's important to note that 'On-Demand' and 'Custom Ordered' items cannot be cancelled or returned once they start processing. No exceptions will be made. To request a custom order, click here.

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