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About Natural Beryl Stones & Beads

Beryl is a mineral that comes in six major varieties, and the most famous variety is emerald, followed by aquamarine and heliodor (golden beryl). Other varieties include goshenite and morganite. Each type of beryl has its distinct coloring, with hues ranging from yellow to green to pink to blue-green.

Beryl is a variety of many stones. Those gems that have natural energy are included in beryl. It comes in many colors including blue, green, and yellow. Each color of beryl has specific properties that are healing for certain parts of your body. Green beryl gemstones help you to heal bones, teeth, and eyes. The yellow beryl gemstone helps to heal skin problems such as acne or rashes. Blue beryl can help with emotional issues such as anxiety or depression. The best way to use beryl would be to wear it as jewelry, but you could also put some under your pillow at night if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Browse our collection of Beryl for jewelry making. These natural gemstones can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors including yellow and green. It is believed to bring luck when worn. Shop our selection today!

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