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Welcome to our treasure trove of brilliance, where we specialize in twinkling, eye-catching loose micro gemstones that promise to elevate your creations. Dive into our extensive collection of micro gemstones, melee size stones small size gemstones, meticulously curated to offer you a spectrum of possibilities. All of our small size gemstone are a beacon of creativity, allowing you to infuse your designs. Whether you’re crafting fine jewelry or finding loose stone, our largest selection of micro gemstones comes in multiple varieties, ensuring you find the perfect match. Shop with us and discover how these melee wonders can make a big impact.


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Micro gemstones are small size gemstones that measure less than 3 millimeters in size. These tiny stones can be used for a wide range of jewelry designs, including earringspendantsrings, and bracelets. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for greater creativity and diversity in jewelry design. Micro gemstones can be cut in the same way as larger stones and polished to the same high standards.

Due to their small size, melee size stones can often be more cost effective to purchase than larger stones. This allows for more affordable jewelry designs. They can also be combined with other types of natural gemstones for more unique pieces. Furthermore, the smaller stones often appear brighter and clearer than larger ones, resulting in a beautiful sparkle.

When working with small size gemstones, it is important to take extra care due to their delicate nature. It is also important to store them properly as they can easily become lost or damaged. Browse our beautiful collection if you are looking to buy melee size stones for jewelry making.

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