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About Natural Sun Stones & Beads

The most famous sunstone is a variety of feldspar. Sunstone has been revered for its ability to bring happiness and prosperity to its wearer since ancient times. The gem was even believed to be capable of curing depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Sunstone is sometimes called happiness stone or sunshine stone because it was thought that it could bring good fortune and happiness to its wearer. It was also believed that if you kept a piece of sunstone with you, you would be protected from danger and evil spirits while traveling at sea.

It occurs in shades of red and yellow to a golden brown. This mineral is most noted for its two brilliant axes of different colors that split light into two bands as it enters and exits (the best way to observe schiller is under a single light source through a one-way observation window). Sunstone has long been considered one of nature's strongest balancers.

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Whether you're looking to make a delicate bracelet or a bold statement necklace, sunstone beads and cabochons are the perfect addition to your jewelry making supplies. At GemsBiz, we offer a vast selection of sunstone in various shades and sizes to suit your crafting needs. Start exploring today and bring some happiness and prosperity into your life through the power of sunstone!

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