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Natural Ruby Gemstones & Beads

A pink to blood-red colored gemstone ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). Ruby stone has been prized for thousands of years for its deep rich color, and luster. Of four precious stones (emerald, sapphire, diamond, and ruby) ruby is called the king of gemstones.

Ruby gemstone is one of nature’s highest vibration healing stones. Because of its high vibration and optical properties, ruby was traditionally associated with royalty. Ruby attracts wealth and good fortune to a wearer. It brings happiness, general well-being, success in love and marriage, and fertility. Ruby heals body parts related to blood circulation such as heart problems caused by a lack of red blood cells (anemia). A ruby stone is also used for colic pain.

This stone is one of nature’s most precious gems. At GemsBiz the rubies in this collection are evaluated by experts who check their clarity, color, etc. before shipping them to us. Browse our collection to buy ruby gemstone beads and bulk cabochons for jewelry making at wholesale prices here.

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