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Discover an exquisite collection of wholesale natural turquoise stone beads at unbeatable prices. Shop various natural turquoise beads, perfect for crafting stunning jewelry pieces. Whether you're an experienced artisan or just starting, our extensive bead collections offer endless creative possibilities. The earthy turquoise stone hue beautifully complements a spectrum of colors, encouraging bold, artistic experiments. Browse our online store for the best deals on high-quality turquoise beads and create unique, eye-catching accessories today. Don’t miss out—explore our wide variety and shop now to transform your jewelry-making projects with the captivating allure of turquoise stone beads at the best wholesale price.

Turquoise 10-20mm Tumbled Nugget Shape B Grade Gemstone Beads Strand - Total 1 Strand of 17 Inch.
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Turquoise 10-20mm Tumbled Nugget Shape B Grade Gemstone Beads Strand - Total 1 Strand...

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While not as popular as diamonds, turquoise beads are a colorful and affordable alternative to more expensive gems. They come in many different colors including shades of green, blue, and grey. Turquoise stone beads are typically dyed or found in their natural color with a slightly greenish tone that is attributable to iron ore. The popularity of natural turquoise gemstones, in particular, comes from their natural color. This unique blue-green hue that’s so rare comes from copper-hydroxide deposits in the earth.

These semi-precious beads are sought after for their distinct appearance and healing properties. Not only does turquoise help cleanse your aura, but it also helps to bring about courage, wisdom, and peace. Turquoise is known for protecting you from harm, allowing you to connect with others more easily, and bringing joy into your life. It’s also a stone for balance in life. The therapeutic qualities are said to relieve physical pain, boost creativity, and promote emotional well-being. We have an amazing selection of beads and colors.

In our collection, you'll find many turquoise beads that are perfect for adding a touch of color to your wardrobe. Choose from our large selection of turquoise stone beads to find the one that is perfect for you.

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