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Natural Diamond Gemstones & Beads

A diamond stone is a pure, carbon-based gemstone that is formed deep within the earth’s crust. Diamonds have hardness and brilliance that cannot be reproduced in any other material, making them extremely precious gemstones. All carbon atoms are composed of a diamond, which is arranged in a specific lattice structure.  It is well known that the diamond is one of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings. People choose it for its cut, clarity, and beauty.

Diamond also helps to activate certain parts of the brain, which results in more alertness and clarity. People have used diamonds as a treatment for various ailments such as arthritis, heart problems, and skin diseases like leprosy or psoriasis.

Diamond jewelry is great for its long-lasting quality and its sparkle that radiates with every move you make. Explore GemsBiz's stunning range of diamonds collection including bulk cabochons for jewelry making.

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