Drilling is an important part of the gemstone bead making process, as it allows the hole to be made that beads can slide on and hang from. Drilling a hole in a bead can be done in various ways, such as using a drill press, manual drill or even using lasers. The size and shape of the drilled holes depend on the type of beads being used, the material of the beads, and the type of drilling being used. There are many types of drill available in gemstone beads.


Side Drill Beads

Side Drill is a type of drilling used in gemstone beads where the hole is drilled at an angle on the side of the bead. This type of drilling is usually done in round shape gemstone beads. The angle at which the hole is drilled can vary depending on the desired look or purpose of the bead. 


Front Drill Beads

Front drill is a type of drilling used on gemstone beads to create a symmetrical hole through the bead from the front side. This type of drilling is mainly used for gemstone rounds, ovals, and other symmetrical shapes, as it creates an even pattern in the bead’s center. The drill bit is inserted from the front side and worked through the entire bead. Front drilling is one of the more popular methods of drilling due to its ability to create a symmetrical hole in the bead and its low risk of shattering the gemstone.


Half Drill Beads

This drilling style involves the use of a drill press to bore out the center of the bead, stopping at the middle of the bead. The bead can then be threaded onto the string with a loop at each end, creating a balanced look that’s both stylish and secure.

Half-drilled beads are also often more economical since they require less material and labor to produce. As a result, many crafters find that they can stretch their budget further when they select half-drilled beads. These beads provide a great way to incorporate beautiful detail into your jewelry designs without breaking the bank.


Top Drill Beads

Top-drilled beads are a type of bead that has been drilled through the top, rather than the center or the side. This type of drilling is popular with certain types of jewelry making, especially when using larger beads. It gives the beads a unique and attractive look, while also providing the crafter with a great deal of flexibility.

Top-drilled beads can be strung on thin cords or attached to clasps and other findings. You can easily add pendants, charms, and other decorations to your jewelry pieces using top-drilled beads.


Center Drill Beads

Center-drilled beads are one of the most common types of beads used in jewelry making. These types of beads have a hole that is drilled through the center of the bead, making them easy to string and use in beadwork. The center drilling makes it possible to create even-looking necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, as the beads can be strung together evenly. The center drilling also makes it easier to hang charms and other pendants off of these beads. These types of beads are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials, so you can easily find the perfect one for your project.

Drilling beads is an important process that can make jewelry making much easier and give your projects a professional finish. We offer a variety of drilled beads, including side drill, front drill, half drill, top drill and center drill. With these drilled beads, you’ll be able to easily create beautiful pieces with the perfect amount of detail and precision.

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