Gemstone cabochons are popular since ancient times for jewelry making. They are characterized by a domed top, a flat back, and a smooth, polished surface. There are several different types of cabochon cuts available. With the use of the right cabochon cut, you can create intricate pieces with a range of colors and sizes.


Smooth Polished Cabochon Cut

A smooth polished cabochon is a type of gem cut in which the top of the stone is rounded and polished while the bottom remains flat. This type of gemstone cutting is one of the oldest, dating back to antiquity when gemstones were cut by hand.

Smooth polished cabochons offer a different aesthetic from faceted gems. Rather than displaying the play of light that faceted stones do, these cabochons create an effect of depth as the light reflects off their surface.


Rose Cut Cabochons

Rose-cut cabochons are cut into a flat base and have a convex top with a domed shape. The rose cut is characterized by its rounded shape with anywhere from three to 24 triangular facets on the top of the gemstone. This particular cut gives the gem a unique sparkle and can range in size from tiny too large. It is often seen in vintage jewelry pieces and adds a unique dimension to your design.


Checkerboard Cut Cabochons

Checkerboard cabochon is a type of gem cut, which is characterized by a pattern of alternating squares, similar to a checkerboard. The squares are usually arranged in a four-pointed star pattern, with each point of the star representing one of the four facets of the cabochon. Each square of the pattern can be either polished or faceted, depending on the desired look. This cabochon cut adds texture and visual interest to your designs.


Concave Cut Cabochons

Concave cut cabochon is a type of gem cut where the top and bottom are flat, while the sides are curved inwards. This shape is perfect for creating a dramatic look that adds depth and dimension to your jewelry pieces. The concave shape makes the stone appear larger than its actual size, giving it a bold look. It’s perfect for creating statement pieces that draw the eye and make an impact. These types of cabochon cuts are interesting and unique options for jewelry making projects. 

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