Briolette cut is a timeless and elegant style for jewelry that has been used for centuries. It is known for its unique and dazzling shape, as well as its ability to maximize the sparkle of each facet.


Rose Cut Briolettes

A rose-cut briolette is a round stone that is cut into a flat top with facets that slope down in triangular shapes towards the bottom. This cut has a rounded look and a soft sparkle, with multiple facets, that resembles a rose petal. The typical rose cut has 18 to 24 facets, with the topmost facet being elongated. This cut is perfect for earrings and pendants because it provides great sparkle with its sparkling brilliance and reflects light from multiple angles.


Checkerboard Cut Briolettes

A Checkerboard briolette is a modified version of a traditional briolette that has been given a checkerboard pattern of facets, making it even more unique and attractive. They often have between 20 and 48 facets, depending on the desired effect. This style of cutting allows for the gemstone to display its color and clarity in a more powerful and striking way than any other cut.


Concave Cut Briolettes

The concave cut briolettes feature a convex dome shape with a concave base. This is a highly desired cut because of its unique shape and lustrous appearance. This cut consists of numerous multi-faceted faces each has a concave side, giving the stone a distinctive look that is hard to replicate. The typical concave cut briolettes have 24 to 40 facets that provide an eye-catching sparkle that draws attention.

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