Following are the Cuts we offer in Calibrated Loose Briolettes:


Rose Cut Briolettes

The rose cut is a variation of the briolettes where flat facets are polished into the curved surface of the briolette cut stone.


Checkerboard Briolettes

Checkerboard cut is a technique where the gem stone is cut into a multitude of square facets spaced regularly around the stones surface, giving a 'Checkerboard' effect of light and dark squares when moved in the light.


Concave Cut Briolettes

The Concave cut is a three dimensional conical shaped facet applied to the pavilion of the gem that creates depth as well as length and breadth. Instead of the facets being joined by an angle they are joined with a groove. This third dimension allows the gem to refract more light, thereby maximizing its brilliance. The Concave cut also distributes light more evenly, giving the gem a homogeneous interior glow.

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