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Add GemsBiz.com! to your address book to ensure complete delivery of our Email Exclusives.


Yahoo, Verizon and SBC Subscribers:

Click on the "Add to Address Book" link at the top of your browser (next to the From Address).

Once the "Add to Address Book" window opens, enter any optional fields, and then click "Add to Address Book".

A confirmation message at the top of your screen will indicate you have added support@gemsbiz.com to your Address Book.

If you have enabled image blocking, you will need to disable them to see images:

Click on "Mail Options" in the upper-right-hand corner of your browser.

Click on "General Preferences" under the Personalization heading.

Go to the Security section and uncheck the box marked "Block HTML Graphics in email messages from being downloaded."

Click "Save" at either the top or bottom of your browser.


Hotmail Subscribers:

Click on the "Save Address" link in the toolbar of your browser.

Check the "Add to Contacts" checkbox.

Click "OK".


AOL Subscribers:

Click on the "Add Address" icon at the top of your browser.

Ensure support@gemsbiz.com is in the email field.

Click "Save".


Comcast Subscribers:

Click on the "Save Address" link at the top of the email (next to the From Address).

Enter GemsBiz in the First Name field.

Click "Save Entry"


MSN Subscribers:

Click on the "Save Addresses" link in the toolbar.

Check the "Add to Contacts" checkbox.

Click "Save".


SBC Global Subscribers:

Click "Mail Options"

Click "Filters"

Click "Add Filter"

In the top row, labeled "From header:" make sure "Contains" is selected in the pull-down menu.

Enter support@gemsbiz.com

At the bottom, where it says "Move the Message To:" select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu.

Click the "Add Filter" button.


Gmail Subscribers:

Click the drop-down arrow near the top of the email message.

Click "Add GemsBiz.com to Contacts list".


Earthlink Subscribers:

Click "Add to Address Book" in the email header

Ensure support@gemsbiz.com is correct in the "Address Book Editor"

Click "Save".


Juno/Netzero Subscribers:

From your mailbox screen click on the "Address Book" tab.

Next to the "Lists" tab, click the "Add new contact" link.

Type in or paste support@gemsbiz.com into the "Email Address" block

Click "Save".


AT&T Subscribers:

Click on the "Save Address" link (next to the From Address).

Enter GemsBiz in the First Name field.

Click "Save".


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