Gemstone Cuts

Following are the Cuts we offer in Calibrated Loose Cut-Gems:


Regular Cut

This is a Regular Cut applicable on all kind of gemstones.


Checkerboard Cut

Checkerboard Cut is a technique where the gem stone is cut into a multitude of square facets spaced regularly around the stones surface, giving a 'Checkerboard' effect of light and dark squares when moved in the light.


Buff-Top Cut

A Cabochon variant for transparent gems, the Buff Top cut mixes a Faceted cut with a Non-Faceted cut. This results in a gem with the typical domed top of a Cabochon and a faceted pavilion, giving the illusion of depth as the eye is drawn into the centre of the gem. The cut shows good brilliance and has a crown that is less easily abraded than those of faceted gems.


Diamond Cut

A diamond-cut constitutes a more or less symmetrical arrangement of facets which together modify the shape and appearance of a gemstone


Princess Cut

The Princess cut generally has 76 facets. The Princess cut, technically known as “Square Modified Brilliant” cut, is a square version of the Round Brilliant cut with numerous sparkling facets. The advantages of the Princess cut are not restricted purely to Diamonds; it is also used on many other gemstones.


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