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Natural Chrysocolla Gemstones & Beads

With high copper, blue-green crystal chrysocolla gemstone comes in opaque and transparent with great luster. Chrysocolla even though similar to turquoise, but this softer than turquoise and has no commercial value as a gemstone. Chrysocolla is found in arizona, california, colorado, new mexico, and utah in the u.s.

Chrysocolla is commonly used in crystal healing as well. Chrysocolla healing crystals can provide support during times of grief and loss, while also providing support for those suffering from depression. 

In addition, chrysocolla stones are believed to help ease headaches and migraines by soothing tension in the head and neck area. These stones may also be beneficial for relieving allergies due to their anti-inflammatory properties. 

If you're after a simple, natural design that will stand out from other jewels, chrysocolla has a lot to offer. With its rich blue color and beautiful pale green vein through each piece, chrysocolla stands apart in jewelry collections with its distinctive look. Browse our collection of chrysocolla gemstone beads for jewelry making today.

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