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Natural Calcite Gemstones & Beads

Calcite is a mineral that forms in carbonate rocks. It’s one of the earth’s most common minerals—and it’s abundant in many limestone caves. When calcite crystals are exposed to air, they begin to dissolve and drip as stalactites or stalagmites. Over time, these formations can become massive pillars or columns known as speleothems.

These natural gemstones are great for clearing out negative energy. These allow you to move forward in life without carrying burdens from your past or worrying about potential negativity. These gemstones are great crystals to use when you are working on self-confidence issues. Calcite can help increase your confidence because it gives you strength during difficult times.

A person who has calcite crystals around them will be able to focus better on their goals and tasks at hand instead of being distracted by outside forces that try to get them off track.

We have a vast collection of handpicked pieces. Each one of them was meticulously chosen for its brilliant and bold colors. In this collection, we offer all shapes, and sizes of calcite gemstone beads for jewelry making.

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